Coffee and an Expat: Claudia from Romania


Who are you? Where are you from? And how did you get to Germany?

I am Claudia, from Romania originally. I came here by way of Italy, where I’ve worked for a year when my sister, who had been a nanny in Germany, got a call from her old family if she knew anyone to do what she did for the first kid for the second. I called, interviewed, and now I am here as a governess and go to school. Read More

What’s in my (tech) bag? (Grainy Image Edition)


DSC00079_1Taking a few shots for my insurance company is as good a time as any to answer the sometimes asked questions about my travel tech bag and what’s in it. As for the bag itself, it changes so often it’s not worth mentioning here. If I ever find something that does me well, I’ll mention it.

The image itself is clickable, so you can pull up an even grainier (my cameras are in the picture, I could have been smart and used the DSLR, but I am and was not, so I shot them with my HX50V which is still a good camera but rotten in low light).

I’ve numbered the main pieces of the collection, the rest is just thrown in as proof that I own it. This is my setup, it may or may not work for you (or even me). As always, links to products are to the company marketing sites, not sellers. Look around for the best deal, I don’t like those affiliate shills any more than you do, so I am not one. Read More

Getting Online and Calling Home from Europe

If you’re coming to Europe from the United States or Asia you might be forgiven for thinking this would be easy. After all, getting Internet is as easy as finding a Starbucks or any other cafe and going online via the usually free wireless network while enjoying a nice caffeinated beverage of your choosing. Well, sorry to break that bubble, bucko, Europe — technologically advanced as it is — won’t play ball with you. Read More

A Trip To Franconia

River Regnitz
If you ask anyone not from Franconia, this is the Appalachian part of the country. Toothless yokels, speaking in a dialect no one understands, least of all they themselves. Desolate cities, surrounded by a Mad-Maxian post-apocalyptic wasteland which is, even outsiders agree, interspersed with the country’s best wineries and beer brewing operations. Read More